5 Ways “Romantic Rubdowns” Help Couples Relax in Style

Couples massage in Phoenix is one of the ways that locals and vacationing couples enjoy relaxed times together. Many travel and tour packages include these sessions and often advertise under headlines like “Best Couples Massage in the US” to entice love birds to try a dual massage.


In fact, couples massage Phoenix is one of the top choices for adults who choose to spend their vacations in the Valley of the Sun. Many resorts and day spas that cater to locals also advertise couples massage in Phoenix in an effort to bring in a new kind of clientele, namely married and engaged couples who want to spend some special time together.


What are the advantages for people who want to experience one of the best couples massage sessions and get a top-notch bodywork session at the same time? In fact, in addition to the bonding aspect for couples who receive simultaneous massages, couples massage in Phoenix AZ has plenty to offer.


Here’s a quick look at what the best couples massage sessions can offer you and your partner:


  • Better bonding, intimacy, and affection: Most couples who get dual massages say that they feel more intimate after the session, feel more affectionate toward one another, and experience a sense of general bonding because of what they’ve been through. Massage releases many hormones into the bloodstream, some of which are known to increase the sense of intimacy between people who already know each other. 
  • Trying something new, together: Relationships can get a boost when two people decide to try something new together. A couples massage is just the ticket for fun, relaxation, and generally enjoying a totally de-stressing hour with your loved one. 
  • As an alternative to unhealthy eating: If you’re trying to avoid making every special occasion revolve around food, a dual massage is the answer to your dreams. Not only can you celebrate a birthday or anniversary with class and health, you will probably spend less than if you went to a fancy restaurant to mark the occasion. 
  • A good source of quality time: Many couples and pairs of friends get dual massages in order to spend some quality time together. They chill out, chat, or catch up on family news while enjoying a relaxing rub down. 
  • It’s the ideal “de-cluttering” gift: If you are in a decluttering phase of your life, the last thing you need is another gift lying around. Why not opt for a service instead of a “thing” as a gift to yourselves? A massage is the perfect thing one person can give to another.


Couples massage in Phoenix has some price advantages too. Most LMTs offer reduced rates for two people who book a dual session, which isn’t always called “couples massage” because sometimes friends go together, or mothers and daughters, or coworkers. But for the most part, the best couples massage experiences won’t cost you twice the price of an individual session.


Expect to pay about 5 or 10 percent less for a dual session compared to two individual massages. Shop around and remember to ask therapists about this service because not everyone provides it. Even so, couples massage in Phoenix is a booming business and is expected to become more popular as a standard service.