Essential Elements of a Relaxing In Home Massage

When you choose to have a Phoenix Massage Therapist visit your home, you’ll notice that you have more options for customizing your bodywork experience. That’s because in home massage Phoenix practitioners typically have more space to work in than usual. From a therapist’s perspective, a larger room means more chances to use techniques like assisted stretching, floor exercises, and more. When it comes to therapeutic massage, Phoenix LMTs are skilled at both in-home and in-office procedures.


What are the key elements of the typical kind of in home massage Phoenix therapists offer? Of course, every Phoenix Relax massage is different, but when you have a massage professional visit your home, the therapeutic massage Phoenix practitioners offer will usually include the following features:


  • A short-routine relaxation protocol: Most at-home massages begin with a 10-minute all-around Swedish relaxation routine before specialized work begins. For clients who regularly receive at-home service, this segment of the session can be skipped but many people like to begin their massage with overall tension reduction.

  • Attention to specific body areas: Expect about two-thirds of the session to focus on your specific needs, like back pain, stiff shoulders, knee soreness, tight ankles, and more. This part of the routine is not so different from a standard in-office massage therapy session.

  • Assisted stretching if needed: Because you and the therapist typically have more working space in a private home, you will probably be able to do some assisted stretching before and after the session. The therapist will lead you in these short exercises that are meant to keep your muscles loose and relaxed between visits.

  • Before and after showers: One of the advantages of home massages is that you have the chance to shower before and after. Because you don’t need to worry about driving home from the massage location, this is an ideal opportunity to take a warm, relaxing shower and let the full effect of the bodywork settle into your bones and muscles.

  • Flexible scheduling: Most therapists will do outcall, aka “in home massage” sessions outside their standard office hours. The advantage for you, the client, is that you can schedule a session closer to bed time or soon after you wake up in the morning. However, remember to speak with the therapist via phone or email to make certain that they offer off-hours service for their at-home clients.


In home massage Phoenix LMTs often specialize in outcall services like sports massage, medical massage, Swedish, Thai techniques, and all varieties of Phoenix Relax massage modalities. It’s also possible for clients to choose a seated therapeutic massage in Phoenix if they prefer a non-table alternative. No matter where you live in the Valley of the Sun, there are plenty of experienced in home massage Phoenix therapists to choose from.


When you book an in home session, be sure to let the therapist know your location and verify that he or she travels to your area. Most LMTs are rather flexible on this issue and are happy to travel across town if you book well in advance and avoid making them drive during rush-hour traffic.