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Exercises and Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Do you find that massage therapy helps relieve your lower back pain? When you visit your Phoenix massage provider, do you ask for special attention for your aching back? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you’re not alone. Most Phoenix massage therapy professionals report that “a sore back” is one the most frequent complaints among new and established clients. Exercise and stretching can help.

Even when you feel like taking a nap or a hot bath to relieve back pain, sometimes it makes sense to do a few easy stretching exercises to soothe those sore muscles. Of the many varieties of body aches and discomfort, back pain is one of the most common for adults of all ages.

The great thing about doing simple stretches and exercises is that you can strengthen your back when doing them. As a bonus, you’ll probably add a bit of strength to your legs and stomach at the same time. All three of those muscle groups work to keep your spine in its proper position, thus reducing back pain.

And don’t forget to speak with your healthcare provider before doing any type of exercise. Keep in mind that it can sometimes be dangerous to do certain exercises even if they bring temporary relief from discomfort. That’s why you need to speak with a professional before you jump into doing back exercises. But, once you get the green light from your doctor, here are some popular, effective exercises for decreasing back pain and a few tips for avoiding long-term back discomfort:

  • Regular massage therapy sessions can help keep your back relatively pain free.
  • Tell your Phoenix massage therapist to spend a little extra time treating your back. Every so often, you might want to book a one-hour back massage.
  • Stand up, with feet about shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms above your head slowly, with fingertips pointing straight up as far as you can comfortably stretch. Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds and then return arms to your sides. Wait a minute and do it again. Aim for 5 to 10 repetitions.
  • Avoid exercises like sit-ups, toe touches, and leg lifts. They can put undue stress on your lower back.
  • Sit comfortably in a chair and slowly lean forward at the waist, keeping your back straight. Hold for a few seconds, return to an upright position and repeat a few times.
  • Walk in a relatively erect position for 5 to 10 minutes as a warm-up or cool-down for your back exercise sessions.
  • Many Phoenix massage therapy studios offer aqua massage, done in a pool or large tub. This type of therapy can be extremely soothing for tense, sore back muscles.
  • Lie down, face-up, on a yoga-type mat, with your hands extended above your head and your body fully straight. Stretch lengthwise within your comfort level and hold the position for about 30 seconds. Repeat three times.
  • Ask your Phoenix massage provider about the benefits of hot stone bodywork. Warmth applied directly over muscle tissue can help enhance the effects of massage therapy.

Phoenix massage studios and clinics usually post service menus at their websites to see what specific kinds of back-related bodywork they do. Before you book a session, you’ll know what to ask for and what their specialties are.

If you begin to do daily back exercises and stretches, remember to let your Phoenix massage therapy professional know about it. That information can help them design a more effective session for back pain relief.