Frequently asked questions

A Sports massage is an intensity stimulating massage use for athlete training. On the other hand, a Swedish massage tends to be more general and non specific. It is relaxing and flowing  

Yes. A therapeutic massage can at times be intense, but, it should never be painful. A painful massage is counterproductive.If at anytime you experience unbearable pain, please inform your masseuse

While uncommon, a massage can affect vascular circulation which for some could cause  pressure around the head area. Also, excessive pressure on the sinus cavity  from being face down in the face rest could bring on a headache. Always communicate with your therapist if you ever feel uncomfortable head pressure. Whenever you feel excessive congestion, turn your head to the side to help you breathe.   

No, not from a sport maintenance massage. If the treatment consists of structural integration techniques, then yes, bruising may occur due to the intensity of this type of work.

Yes. However, it is very important you let your therapist know you have never received a session before and you do not want to receive an overly intense massage. Schedule the massage three days before your scheduled activity , request full body, moderate pressure and communicate! Do not get a massage that may be too intense. Be sure to schedule your post-activity  massage at least 2 days or less after your activity 

Yes, there are contraindications when a massage should not be performed: an opened wound acute injury, when an athlete is feverish, to name a few. Always consult your therapist if you ever are concerned about an injury 

Although there is no clinical research to prove that drinking water after a session can help flush out toxins, , massage therapy does generate heat. This heat can create a sensation of thirst, so, drinking water will help quench this thirst, plus, drinking water is good for the body.

A company or massage therapist can set up a profile. This profile will include your business contact information and many consumers will be able to access your information in our network. If you are a business owner and you want to appear on our network, click here to learn more  

Once a customer receives services, they are encouraged to share their feedback of their experience. This feedback is used to grade the quality of that experience.

Providers can’t change their rating in the network  and they aren’t allowed to grade themselves. Only consumers, through their reviews, have the power to change a company’s overall grade.

At Massage Connect, when we add a company to our network, we ask them whether they are appropriately licensed, registered, bonded and/or insured. Since this information is self-reported, we strongly encourage you to check with the provider and regulatory agencies in your area for their most up-to-date information.