Superior Stretches in a World of Social Distancing

In the Great Southwest, people can take advantage of outdoor massage sessions during most months of the year. Unfortunately, many Phoenix massage therapy businesses have temporarily closed their doors during the recent coronavirus crisis. The situation has quickly transformed the entire Phoenix massage scene and caused many thousands of regular customers to be left without their regular bodywork fix.


If you’re missing your regular massage therapy sessions during these trying times of isolation, there are some awesome stretches you can do to satisfy all those muscular urges to stretch and lengthen bodily tissues. You don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of what personal trainers and massage therapists regularly teach their clients about staying limber, loose, and agile in between bodywork sessions. Phoenix massage therapists typically offer their clients instruction about stretching and exercise.


Here are five simple, effective stretches you can do every day, or several times per day if you wish. Three are done in a standing position and two are done while seated on a stool or chair.


  • Seated: Place both arms outward in a T shape with palms facing forward. Slowly turn the palms down and face them in the opposite direction, to the back. Repeat several times, holding the stretch for about 10 seconds in each direction each time.

  • Seated: Slowly, lean forward from the waist until your torso is almost horizontal and resting on your lap. After five seconds, return to an upright position. Repeat five or more times.

  • Standing: With feet shoulder-width apart, move your fingertips as close to your toes as they will comfortably go. Hold 20 seconds and return to a standing position. Repeat five times.

  • Standing: With hands at sides, raise both shoulders as high up as you can comfortably get them. Hold 10 seconds and return to original posture. Repeat 10 times.

  • Standing: With hands on hips, lean backward without losing balance, just enough to feel a stretch in your chest and upper torso. Hold 10 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat 10 times.


Remember to do a few minutes of pre-stretch preparation. That means walking for about five minutes, taking a small drink of water, and finding a place where you won’t be disturbed by anyone. There’s a lot to be said for stretching in a calm environment. Phoenix massage therapy practitioners often suggest that clients stretch outside on pleasant days.


It’s often forgotten that the goal of stretching is to relax both the body and the mind. At least that’s how most of the ancient massage therapy techniques from Asia were designed. The physical body is just half of the equation, so be sure to stretch in a relaxing place where you aren’t stressed by phones, pets, children, or anything. If your regular Phoenix massage pro uses low background music or a white noise machine, consider adding music to your stretching sessions or downloading some white noise audio and playing it.


Many Phoenix massage therapy professionals give every one of their clients a list of stretches to do in between sessions. That’s because massage therapy delivers better results to bodies that know how to relax. If you’re looking for a Phoenix massage practitioner, remember to ask about stretches you can do on a daily basis to stay limber and teach your body the language of relaxation.