The Unknown Powers of a Medical Massage

Many people are surprised to learn that medical massage is one of the fastest-growing segments of the bodywork industry. For example, if you’re searching for a Phoenix medical massage therapy provider, you won’t have to look far. The city, one of the nation’s major resort destinations, is also known as a “hospital town,” in which the medical services industry is dominant. Whether your idea of the “best massage in Phoenix” is Swedish, hot stone, sports, or medical, you’ll have no trouble locating an experienced therapist.

What’s not widely known outside of Arizona is that the city of Phoenix was once a wellness destination for tuberculosis patients seeking a dry climate. After the threat of TB was eliminated, the city’s reputation as a national hospital center grew year after year. That’s just one reason Phoenix medical massage therapy is such a widespread technique in the desert metropolis.

Here are some quick facts about a medical massage that will effectively help you find a professional, licensed therapist in Phoenix:

  • Medical massage is nearly always done on a doctor’s orders, via a written prescription. Sometimes, the term “medical massage” refers to a non-prescription bodywork session initiated by a client who wants work done on just one or two areas of the body.
  • Medical massage can deactivate one or many trigger points and decrease pain almost instantly in many cases.
  • Clients often notice increased range of motion and better flexibility after a medical massage.
  • For better digestion and soothed nerves, physicians often prescribe massage.
  • Enhanced coordination and improved posture are two of the many benefits of medical massage.
  • Reduction of soreness, tension, pain, and inflammation are common reasons doctors prescribe medical massage sessions.
  • Most prescriptions for medical massage are for a series of sessions rather than a single session.
  • Medical massage can involve all sorts of bodywork techniques, but its primary goal is to relieve a particular medical condition. Because therapists cannot diagnose, either a doctor or a client must ask for this type of service. Never request your massage therapist to decide what kind of medical massage you need.
  • If you are aching and suffer from a condition that a physician has diagnosed, you can ask your doctor to prescribe massage. You may then be able to walk into a massage clinic and request a medical massage, but you’ll need the prescription to do so.
  • If you have a doctor’s prescription in hand, finding the best massage in Phoenix will be much easier. That’s because a therapist will be able to view the order and let you know whether they can do the job. Some medical massage prescriptions are highly complex, and you’ll need to find a massage provider with specific experience.