Why You Want Your Massage Therapist to be Licensed

If you want the best massage in Phoenix, or anywhere else, it’s smart to choose a licensed therapist. For example, Phoenix medical massage therapy is currently undergoing a surge of interest from clients who seek effective recovery from injuries, surgery, or childbirth. Using the “massage finder in Phoenix” tool, it’s easy to look up a licensed therapist who has passed all the required coursework to earn state certification.


If you are not careful, it is possible to end up with an unlicensed therapist. This is something you should definitely avoid. Of course, using a massage finder in Phoenix for therapists will help you locate the best massage in Phoenix, whether you’re wanting a standard relaxing session, a sports massage, or a locally based Phoenix medical massage therapy booking.


Why do most people only seek licensed massage therapists? There are many reason, but the top five include the following:


  • Licensed therapists are more experienced: Generally speaking, licensed massage therapists, LMTs, already have a decent amount of experience the day they graduate from massage school. That’s because Arizona law requires all schools to offer clinical practice sessions before granting a license. These hours add up and mean that even a new grad has probably performed a hundred or more massages as part of their classroom training.

  • Therapists can’t get insurance without having a license: You’d never trust your car to an unlicensed mechanic, so why bother with an unlicensed massage therapist? In fact, if your therapist isn’t licensed, he or she is also uninsured. It’s impossible for an unlicensed therapist to obtain liability insurance in Arizona.

  • Schools that train licensed therapists cover all pertinent topics: Do you want your therapist to be knowledgeable in all types of massage? If so, hire one who has “LMT” after their name.

  • You’ll be safer with a licensed therapist:If your therapist is not licensed, you are taking a chance with someone who might inadvertently injure you, or simply deliver very substandard service.

  • A licensed therapist will charge you a fair price and explain all services offered: LMTs deal in an above-board way due to state laws that cover ethics and proper service. You’ll always know, up front, what you’ll be paying for the session and will understand exactly what type of service the therapist will deliver.


Finding the best massage in Phoenix shouldn’t be a chore. And it doesn’t have to be as long as you use a massage finder in Phoenix, Arizona, when you are visiting town or even if you’re a local.


It’s hard to keep track of all the massage studios in town because Phoenix is a major resort city and has many more therapists than an average urban area. Phoenix medical massage therapy, couples massage, Swedish massage, and all forms of sports and therapeutic massage can be found within the Valley of the Sun, also known as the Greater Phoenix Metro area. The key thing to remember is that if you want to enjoy the best massage in Phoenix, you’ll need to locate a reputable, licensed therapist.